Software House - AccessPoint

Here in AccessPoint we work with percistency and efficient in order to provide our customers with results that comply with all modern and up to date specifications.
Our passion and our obssesion for perfection are only few of the things that make us stand out.

Come work with us and discover all these for yourselves!

Genious Solutions

Access Point provides solutions that satisfy even the most demanding customers. We know how to plan 100% efficient projects and we provide 24/7 customer support.

Absolute Efficiency

Our professionalism is our identity. We hold high standards of know-how and expertise. All our delivered projects have excellent infrastructure and functionality and are hosted in high speed and 100% secure servers.

Quality Services

Our services come with a perfect functionality insurance agreement. All our projects are being tested in all stages and then delivered to the final customer.



«Ath. D.»

Developer, Analyst, Server Administrator

Programmer, Analyst, Server Administrator. Moto: Earn respect quitely from your actions and not loudly by…

«Vic. D. »

Web Designer, Marketing, Sales, Consultant

Open minded & free spirit. She’s a visionary. Moto: Never stop exploring. Stay passionate &…

«Dem D.»

Software engineer, Analyst, Consultant

Combines intelligence with logic and strategic thinking. Calm and wise spirit. Hes finds solutions even…

«John X.»

Developer, Analyst, Web Designer

  Delivers complex projects and stay focused no matter what. His skills in programming makes…

«Ath Z.»

Developer, Database Expert

Non stop searcher of anything new in the field of programming. Never settles with fixed…

«Xr. X.»

Customer Support, Consultant

Friendly personality, passionate, excellent in customer support. Moto: There is nothing you can’t achieve..Anything is…

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