Due to the massive amount of online users, with the stats overcoming the amazing number of 4.5 billion, the need of an online presence has become highly essential.

By the year 2021, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion.

As you can realize this is a dominent situation with a tremendous growth.

Now more than ever the need of an eshop development is
#No1 for all merchandisers.





Are you looking to digitaly trasform your physical store?

Here at Access Point we provide the best solutions to the main issue that concerns all physical store owners when they decide to go digital.

  • How can we achieve more sales?
  • How will potentianl customers find us?
  • How will they complete their orders?
  • Is it going to be easy to gain our customers trust online?
  • Are we going to keep everybody happy with the whole buying experience in order to gain returning customers?


Well we know these question trouble you.
That's why here in Access Point we solve all those issues for you. You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to safety, speed, with the clean and modern design, the solid structure behind every digital strore we build, and with the digital marketing procedures that will accompany every ecommerce site in order to be properly advertided.

So you see that we cover every single stage of an ecommerce shop. From the manufactoring point up to the full advertising and branding services.


6 Simple ways to make customers trust you and proceed to a purchase through your eshop

Make is Personal

People don’t trust websites. They trust people. It is therefore imperative that the website has the human element in it. We must therefore present your digital eshop in a very friendy way, in order to make it easy for customers to reach to a successful purchase. We build step by step your digital profile based on a human manner showcasing your physical advantages through your store.

Professional Looks

It is very important for your eshop to adopt and showcase a profession look. An eshop must look like a real business with all that this includes, in order to convince it’s potential clients that this is not a fake eshop like many online. First target? Easy “call to action” spots and not just a simple contact form. You must let your clients know that you are there for them at any time. They must know that there are people behind your digital shop that are ready to help. This is only one of the most important factors of a professional ecommerce look.

Show you are trustworthy

"What your clients say about your products or your services is by 1000 times more convincing than what you say about yourself even if your are 2000 times more relevant about them," science of marketing says. So one of the most important sector of you eshop must be the testimonial and rating sectors. One small tip: if possible, use testimonial videos.

Prove that your eshop is safe

Only few people that buy online know exactly what they do. They have been trained to search https at their browser instead of clasic http so that they know that they are at a safe invironment. That is absolutely important for an ecommerce store as your clients will submit crusial financial data for a purchase and there must be a safe checkout environment. Therefore there must be an SSL authentication conencted to your eshop.

Reduce client risk

Think about your eshop through your client's eyes. What is the biggest risk? That they will not like product and they will stuck to it and can never get their money back? Therefore we must increase the trustwothiness of your eshop as much as the possibilities for succesful purchases, facing your clients worries first, clarifying your shipping and return policy.

Listen to your Customers

Want to succeed in sales? Listen to customers, learn their needs, and find a way to fix their problems. Use the best tools for success. 75%–85% of top salespeople value greatly build eshop CRMs, productivity apps, email marketing, and social selling as key factors in their success. Asking questions about your buyer’s goals and pain points leads to better sales success.


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